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Social Media Management

Social media management

Is required to remain engaged with the target audience or potential customers via different social media platforms. Social media management includes management of your brand’s social presence and monitoring your relationship with potential customers and spreading your products worldwide through publishing on social media platforms. Nowadays, every business is doing promotions through social media channels such as Facebook (Meta), Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on.

However, social media management has gone beyond just keeping you updated with all the information regarding news and posts of your company. This strategy will improve your marketing services, it will keep you engaged with the audience, and it will also look forward to the new opportunities for your brand to increase its visibility for users. With the help of this, you will be able to understand how your brand/company will uphold the profile on social media platforms with all the consistencies and goodwill.

Social Dashboard

Ellipce as your social media manager

Ellipce has professionals who endure your social media accounts to find a platform where your brand will work amazingly for your audience. Your brand will have sets of alternatives like:

  • Facebook has more than 3.2 billion significant users.
  • Instagram will help you to create your visual content more effectively.
  • Twitter will keep your brand and products updated with trending content and honest reviews.
  • A lot of other platforms are also here to promote your brand.

It's time to be social, let’s go social

Ellipce experts will drive your brand effectively to meet the business objective and marketing goals by branding your services on social media channels. We will monitor and analyze your brand to make it successful and create all the reports on the social media growth of your brand for your understanding.


3 Networks

$ 2000 Monthly
  • AD SPEND $200 -
  • 8 Custom Images -
  • 5 Boost Post
  • Alternate Days
    Boosted Post Report
  • 24/7 Support*

4 Networks

$ 2200 Monthly
  • AD SPEND $350 -
  • 10 Custom Images -
  • 7 Boost Post
  • Alternate Days
    Boosted Post Report
  • 24/7 Support*

7 Networks

$ 2500 Monthly
  • AD SPEND $400 -
  • 12 Custom Images -
  • 10 Boost Post
  • Alternate Days
    Boosted Post Report
  • 24/7 Support*
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